Jamie King's Son Hit With Glass After A Man Smashes Car Windshield


Jamie King's Son Hit With Glass After A Man Smashes Car Windshield

Floyd has been arrested for felony child endangerment, misdemeanor battery, and two counts of felony vandalism.

Jaime King has broken her silence on the terrifying act of violence that occurred against her, her four-year-old son James Knight, and her friend Judit Balogh on Wednesday (April 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Beverly Hills Police Department reveals that the shattered glass struck the child while he sat in his auto seat in the car's back seat. He jumped first onto the auto and then on the rear windshield.

King is best known for her role on the series "Hart of Dixie".

"My fearless friend Judit Balogh used her self-defense training to try and keep the individual from harming James Knight while glass was shattering on him, as the perpetrator jumped on the roof until it collapsed and kicked in windows trying to get him".

Police quickly detained Floyd after arriving on the scene, as noted by a statement from the BHPD that was obtained by E! "In an effort to protect the child, the female driver exited the vehicle and confronted the suspect at which time he threw a can at her, striking her arm".

King's damaged auto was towed away following the incident. The couple also have another son together, two-year-old Leo Thames Newman. Floyd is being held on $100,000 bail and is scheduled to appear at the Airport Courthouse on April 6, 2018.

King's friend reportedly exited the auto to confront the man but he threw a can at her. Authorities eventually arrived and caught him, but a police report revealed King's auto was actually the second vehicle Floyd attacked that day.

King's rep declined a request for comment from People regarding the incident.

"During the investigation it was learned that several paparazzi were in the area photographing the incident and the second victim's vehicle".

She goes on to express her gratitude to the Beverly Hills Police Department officers for rushing to their aid, and to the bystanders who tried to intervene, but has some choice words for members of the paparazzi who apparently made matters worse during the fracas.



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