How to Make Your Employees Care About Cybersecurity


While it remains true that your best business resources are your staff, it’s also a fact that they are also your greatest vulnerability when it comes to data security. As companies become increasingly aware of the risks of cybercrime, they are also becoming more aware that the majority of data breaches are caused by employees. These are not primarily malicious in nature and are more due to a lack of basic online security awareness. This simple issue is the cause of a large number of cyberattacks, and as a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect the data that you store and minimize the risks. If you can reinforce the notion of strong security measures into every staff member, then you reduce the chances of falling victim to the variety of scams and hacking techniques used by criminals. As data becomes more important than simple monetary theft, then it is ever more vital that you encourage your employees to care about cybersecurity. 

Start Early 

Your security training should begin on the first day that your new employees start work. Due to the rising importance of robust security measures, there’s little point in allowing your new employees to have access to sensitive data or accounts before you begin their security training. Not only is this the best way to make certain that new members of your team do not make any potentially risky actions before their security training session, but it also highlights the importance that you place on cybersecurity. By making clear that online security and the protection of the business and its customers are one of your major concerns, you can help them to recognize their responsibilities in the same regard. 

Update sessions regularly 

Even if the majority of your staff are aware of the need for strong passwords, the need for limited access to account details, and even the necessity for personal security if you have opted for a BYOD work culture, they will all still be missing knowledge. Not everyone is aware of the latest phishing scams, so one of your key tools is ongoing security meetings. These can be used to reinforce the notion of your business cybersecurity, but also gives you the chance to make employees aware of the sophistication that many scams now use in order to encourage victims. Communication is key in all business management, but when it comes to cybersecurity, only you can teach your staff about the need for ongoing vigilance. 

Encourage regular checks 

Your security systems need to be updated and upgraded on a regular basis. Always structure some analysis time into your employee’s working week, and make sure that they know what they are looking for when it comes to increased awareness. Access to all password related software needs to be regularly fine-tuned, and if you’re making use of money-saving cloud platforms, then you need to make sure that you are using the best practices available. For those business using Amazon Web Services, making use of an AWS cloud security checklist will give you an indication of your growing needs; you can click here to discover this from Skyhigh. 

Your staff members are your first line of defense against the murky world of cybercrime, so making sure that they are as knowledgeable as you are of the potential dangers is key to creating a security-aware workplace.



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