Haifa team sires Intel's 'best processor ever' for laptops


Haifa team sires Intel's 'best processor ever' for laptops

Chip manufacturer Intel has announced that its eighth-generation Core i9 processors are coming to laptops. Each subsequent generation has become increasingly powerful and quite competitive with Intel's notebook chips.

The chips are aimed at fueling the growth of the rapidly expanding PC gaming industry with new laptops that can provide desktop-like gaming performance and virtual reality on the run. We'll see the same six core/12 thread build in new H-series Core i7 processors, and while those will still be the domain of high-end laptops, they probably won't cost quite as much as the Core i9.

The new 8th generation Core i9, Core i7 and Core i5 processors are created to help boost the performance of the games by providing 41 percent frames per second along with video editing of 4k videos at 59 percent faster rate.

"It really is the closest to desktop performance you can get in a notebook", said Fredrik Hamberger, general manager of Intel's premium and gaming notebooks.

Each of these new Coffee Lake chips also supports Intel's new Optane memory, which it says can increase the performance of SATA-based storage without impacting capacity. This translates to a turbo frequency of up to 4.8 GHz.

Intel announced the new line of Intel i9 processors for desktops in 2017 and now the company is also preparing to make a move to the laptop market. There's no dGPU on the new "Coffee Lake" H-series processors, but they do now come with six cores (12 threads) instead of four.

In conjunction with the launch of these two new gaming laptops, THUNDEROBOT will also be refreshing the DINO, 911GT and ST Plus with the Core i7-8750H processor, faster WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0.

On the desktop front, there are three new standard-voltage processors: the 65W Core i5-8600 and Core i5-8500, and the 62W Core i3-8300.

Just this week, a Bloomberg report suggested that Apple could ditch Intel processors in favor of its own first-party chips by 2020.

The company introduced 8th generations Core Processors for desktops as well.

Now users will be able to accelerate a secondary storage volume with Intel's Optane Memory, Optane SSD 800P, and Optane SSD 900P products.

The first laptop-based Core i9-8950HK was MSI GT75 Titan.

It essentially works as a cache drive, figuring out what the most regularly used data is on your slow hard drive and keeping those files stored inside the speedy Optane tech. It's also backwards compatible with older chipsets but only adds the new Optane-specific features to 200-Series chipsets.



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