Google might launch Mid-range Pixel Phone, Pixelbook, Nest devices in India


The Economic Times pegs "around July-August" for the launch date of this mid-range device, which the publication says will have a focus on "price-sensitive markets such as India". Since then, Google has also launched the affordable Home Mini as well as the high-end Home Max in markets such as the US. Hence, the company has devised a plan to expand the distribution network in the country. Attending some of the meetings were select influential Indian retailers. It looks like Google is set to build on that and establish itself its brand in the country. "Coming soon", Google India tweeted.

The Google Home Mini is a compact version of the Google Home smart speaker which sports a fabric speaker grill on top and a plastic base at the bottom. A broadcast feature triggers the routines in all the Google Home speakers in the home.

The company will also debut into the Indian laptop space with its premium Google Pixelbook. A number of Google Home devices in various rooms can work together, for example playing the same music throughout the house. Google plans to launch these products over the course of next two years. The mid-range variant is targeted at developing markets like India. This announcement comes shortly after the company introduced support for Hindi language last month.

As expected, the display of the phone is a near-edge-to-edge design, with a Full View screen covering 97 percent of the front. Amazon is in the first position with the Alexa-powered Echo range of smart speakers, followed by Google with the Google Assistant-powered Home speakers.

Users can initiate a hands-free call and set single commands like reading out the traffic situation or weather information or play an "already saved" playlist. The smart speaker can answer common queries and help manage tasks such as reminders, appointments, etc. It will be interesting to see if Google goes for a lower pricing with its speakers. In the USA the Google Home is priced at $129 (roughly Rs. 8,400) and the Google Home Mini comes for $49 (roughly Rs. 3,200).



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