Google Maps gets support for 39 new languages


Google Maps gets support for 39 new languages

When it comes to April Fools' Day, Google seems to have a bottomless pit for a marketing budget.

Earlier this month, Google Maps unveiled a Mario Kart-themed version of its directions app.

Google never stops surprising us on every occasion with their unique and fun creations.

If you were trying not to get lost, you may have become a bit distracted by good ol' Wally waving at you from the left side of your navigation. Having not looked at a Where's Waldo book in probably at least 20 years, I can't say that I recognize any of those other names but younger Waldo fans probably have some idea what you'll be looking for.

Google Maps Street View illusion
Google Maps Google Maps Street View Can you spot the optical illusion

Waldo will be appearing in Google Maps for a week, starting from Saturday March 31 2018.

In honor of April Fools" Day, the beloved kids book series "Where's Waldo' is about to become a game on Google Maps!

"You can win wonderful and wacky badges throughout your journey by finding me and my friends".

What's neat about this gag is that it isn't just an April Fools announcement of a product or service that doesn't actually exist, like Google has done in the past, but an actual game integrated within Google Maps. Once you spot me, you'll be transported to places all around the world, where you can search for me over and over again. Waldo is traveling the world with his friends Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, and Odlaw.



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