Google Gmail gets new look, disappearing messages, 'nudging'


Google Gmail gets new look, disappearing messages, 'nudging'

Earlier today Google started the process of rolling out an overhaul of their Gmail web interface.

This is another feature that will appeal more to business users, but one that could have some use on the consumer side as well. It's still a much-needed new coat of paint - Gmail hadn't seen a significant redesign since 2012. This will allow senders to set their emails to expire after a certain amount of time or revoke access to an email after it's been sent.

The new design lets users click on attachments, such as photos, without having to scroll through lengthy conversation threads, prominently displays the most-used applications-including Calendar, Tasks, Docs or Sheets-and introduces a "snooze" functionality to let users put off email notifications until a specified date.

To help manage mail processing, Gmail users will be able to "snooze" a message, a function that has come over from their Inbox app.

Gmail is also importing one of the more useful features from its mobile app, bringing over Smart Replies, which offers up three short prewritten replies based on how you respond to email and the context of the email itself. Even better is the fact that senders will be able to use new tools that prevent recipients from forwarding, downloading, copying, or printing the emails they receive, which should go a long way toward preventing accidental leaks. The app will now only notify you about high-priority emails (i.e., mainly emails from people you actually correspond with on a regular basis), which Google says results in 90 percent fewer notifications on your phone. To those already familiar with Inbox, this feature uses Google's artificial intelligence to choose which email you will want to accord greater priority and the one you want to read later. Lastly, updated security warnings and anti-malware settings have been implemented. "Because you can require additional authentication via text message to view an email, it's also possible to protect data even if a recipient's email account has been hijacked while the message is active".

So how do you get at all this?

Native offline mode: Google has added a native offline mode to Gmail-making it easier for frequent business travelers to always have access to their mailbox.

Google is taking steps to improve Gmail to compete with apps like Snapchat and Whatsapp. The setting option where we will get "Try new Gmail" option will be available.



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