Dez Bryant released by Dallas Cowboys after 8…


Dez Bryant released by Dallas Cowboys after 8…

Realistically for the Dallas Cowboys unless a trade is made or multiple prospects at the wide receiver position are selected it is going to be tough to replace Bryant in the eyes of the fans or opponents.

In order to sign Bryant, the Bengals would likely need to cut current wide receiver Brandon LaFell.

Bryant only recorded six touchdowns and 800 receiving yard on 132 targets that is a far cry from where he once was.

Releasing Bryant saves the Cowboys $8 million of Bryant's $16.5 million salary cap hit.

"As an organization we hold Dez Bryant in the highest regard, and we are grateful for his passion, spirit and contributions to this team for the past eight years", Jones said in the statement.

Despite vowing several times he was "unbothered" about rumors of a possible split from the Cowboys, the three-time Pro Bowl receiver vented about offseason coverage of his potential roster status next season.

Since his childhood days in Lufkin, Texas, Bryant has been a fan of America's Team.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Cowboys have released Bryant-a report that the player himself corroborated.

Bryant didn't have a 100-yard game in 2017 and, if you watched any Dallas games, you noticed he dropped plenty of passes.

With the Dallas Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant today, naturally, everyone in Patriot Nation is going to wonder if the Patriots will be involved in trying to sign the 29-year-old wideout.

Dez Bryant's tenure with the Dallas Cowboys is over. However, he still offers the talents of one of the best wide receivers in the league when thrown to.

The team eventually released him later that afternoon.

Would Bryant help the Colts?

The most serious problem was a domestic incident involving his mother in 2012, with Bryant pleading guilty and eventually having the charge dismissed when he stayed out of trouble for a year. Now they'll have to answer it without their top receiver. And the folks in the room shouldn't hate him at all. Though he'll certainly have to take a lot less money than he's been earning in Dallas over the past few years.

Bryant's frustrations haven't always been reserved for his opponents. More so, I think the Packers would take an 800-yard season from their No. 2 receiver at this point.



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