'Black Panther's' Dominance Highlights a Growing Box Office Problem


'Black Panther's' Dominance Highlights a Growing Box Office Problem

The Ryan Coogler-directed flick surpassed Titanic on Saturday to become the third highest-grossing movie ever at the North American box office, according The Hollywood Reporter. And the Internet seems to agree.

In by MoviePass (and its majority owner Helios and Matheson Analytics), "Black Panther" was listed as the service's highest-selling movie with over 1 million tickets sold (in the period since August, when MoviePass drastically lowered its price).

Black Panther finished Friday (April 6) with a domestic total of $659.3 million, just shy of the $659.5 million grossed by Titanic, which sailed into theaters in late 1997.

Marvel's Black Panther continues to make history a short two months following its release.

"Titanic" brought in $659.5 million domestic total with "The Force Awakens" bringing in $936 million and Avatar bringing in $760 million. The victor of the weekend was the horror movie A Quiet Place, which opened with $50 million. If you have any good ideas, put it in the movie you're making.

'Deep down we all hoped that people would come to see a film about a fictional country on the continent of Africa, made up of a cast of people of African descent, ' he said.

Black Panther is already Marvel's best domestically, and has been ranked as the No. 2 best superhero film of all time, passing Dark Knight.

An audience watches Marvel's "Black Panther" in Wilmington, Del.



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