Apple is now completely powered by renewable energy


Apple is now completely powered by renewable energy

The company has also urged utilities to procure renewable energy to help power Apple's operations. "After years of hard work we're proud to have reached this significant milestone", said CEO Tim Cook.

Apple now has 25 operational renewable energy projects around the world, totaling 626 MW of generation capacity. The new projects include: a 200-megawatt OR wind farm purchase agreement; a Nevada solar agreement for 320 megawatts with the NV Energy utility; a project for 300 solar rooftop solar systems; and others in Singapore and North Carolina.

Apple is just one of many global corporations trying to cut energy consumption and shift to renewable power including wind and solar, both to cut costs and slow climate change. According to their latest reports, Apple is now 100% powered by renewable energy; this figure was around 96% back in 2016.

Since 2014, all of Apple's data centres have been powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity, either through renewables contracts with power suppliers or through projects owned directly by the company, including wind, solar, biogas, fuel cell, and energy storage assets.

Over the course of the next five years, renewable energy is set to grow faster than any other power source. There are also some grey areas when it comes to retail stores, which are powered by the public grid and therefore out of the control of the iLeader, though it does purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) as a means to compensate.

Last week, Apple called out the Environmental Protection Agency's plan to rollback the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.

With new offices and data centers coming in the future, Google will continue expanding its portfolio with renewable sources.

San Francisco: Apple said Monday it had achieved a goal of "100 percent clean energy" for its facilities around the world. Once those are complete, Apple will produce 1.4 gigawatts, or 1.4 billion watts, of renewable energy. The suppliers that pledge to use more clean energy know they will have "a leg up" against competitors for Apple's business, Jackson said.

However, only 23 of its suppliers have met the commitment to be fully powered by renewable energy.

Luxshare-ICT, a supplier of accessories for Apple products. Pegatron with iPhone factories in Shanghai and Kunshan, China, and Finisar, the USA company that builds parts to power Face ID and Animoji are among the nine pledge makers.

Quadrant, a supplier of magnets and magnetic components in a number of Apple's products.

However, Apple seems to have kept its RECs "closely associated with the actual energy".



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