White House denies top security aide's on the way out


White House denies top security aide's on the way out

The president "still has confidence in General McMaster, I spoke to him specifically about that answer", White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters last week.

Stephen Biegun: Vice president for worldwide government affairs at Ford Motors and a former senior staff member to then-national security adviser Condoleezza Rice in the George W. Bush administration. According to the network, McMaster, who is the second national security adviser to serve President Trump since he took office past year, might be replaced by Ford executive and former Bush national security aide Stephen Biegun.

The White House pushed back against an NBC report Thursday, citing five unnamed sources, that the Trump administration is preparing to replace McMaster as soon as next month in a move orchestrated by Kelly and Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Former Staff Secretary Rob Porter's resignation has reportedly upended the White House's hierarchy, leaving Cohn to jockey for the president's approval against nationalist hardliners like trade advisor Peter Navarro, according to POLITICO.

"We frequently face rumour and innuendo about senior administration officials.There are no personnel announcements at this time".

Aides have discussed for some time an exit strategy for McMaster, who has clashed with Trump on policy matters, including Iran and Afghanistan strategy.

Sanders said White House communications director Hope Hicks is leaving to "maybe take a little bit of a break and have some time for herself".

Mr McMaster's comment sparked a Twitter response from the President.

The White House on Thursday faced fresh speculation about the future of National Security Advisor HR McMaster, with officials sending mixed messages about his possible departure.

Sources with knowledge of McMaster's standing in the White House have repeatedly said that he has been on thin ice for months.

He chose to remain an active duty Army Lieutenant General instead of retiring from military service when he was appointed as National Security Adviser.

McMaster replaced Michael Flynn, who resigned after 24 days in office, over revelations that he lied about his contacts with Russian officials.

"Look, Gen. McMaster's not going anywhere", Sanders said on "Fox & Friends".



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