United States teen guns down parents at MI university


United States teen guns down parents at MI university

Davis Jr. remains in custody at McLaren Central Michigan, where he is receiving treatment for hypothermia, the chief said.

The shooting had put the Central Michigan University campus on lockdown on Friday morning, trapping students in classrooms and dormitories until mid-afternoon while police conducted an expansive search for the 19-year-old suspected gunman.

The shooting inside the Campbell Hall dormitory happened on the eve of spring break and sparked a lockdown on the campus in Mount Pleasant, Mich., a city about 85 miles from Grand Rapids and 155 miles from Detroit.

Davis is wanted for fatally shooting his father James Eric Davis Sr., 48, and mother Diva, 47 earlier Friday.

The arrest ended a almost 15-hour manhunt on campus and throughout the city involving more than 100 officers from multiple police agencies.

Police said they were in contact with Mr Davis, a 19-year-old second-year student, late on Thursday when he was taken to a nearby hospital for an alleged drug-related incident. There were no other shooting incidences reported in the area, and the police are yet to figure out how the teenager got hold of the weapon.

Bellwood Police Chief Jiminez Allen confirmed Friday that Davis Sr. was a part-time officer in the village and called it "a very hard time" for the department. It's not yet clear if it was his service revolver or a different gun.

"The officer said we had some suspicion it might be drugs, does he have a drug history?" Police said Davis Jr. will be transported to the Isabella County Jail after his hospital stay. They asked Davis to call his parents, which he did. Yeagley said that when officers determined that the person posed no threat - and reviewed video from the elevator that showed Davis Jr. and that person laughing - Davis Jr. said he was fine and was leaving campus Friday for spring break.

"Whether there was a mental health component that was in conjunction with that, we don't know", Klaus said, telling reporters there are "pieces of the puzzle" police are still trying to put together as they investigate the suspected shooter and his motive".

"I want to say that with those deaths yesterday this campus, this community is traumatized", Ross said.

When Davis, Jr. was finally apprehended by officers, he was transported to the hospital as he was showing signs of hypothermia and was still acting confused.

Davis Jr. fled the scene, and was last seen heading northbound wearing a dark hoodie and mustard jean trousers, police said.

Campus and community leaders convened March 3 for a press conference in the Bovee University Center to discuss the events of the previous day. "There are thousands of people on campus yesterday ... and they will be dealing with this for the rest of their lives".

Correction: This story has been corrected to reflect that Davis was found along train tracks, not aboard a train.



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