Thousands of women go on strike in Spain for International Women's Day


Thousands of women go on strike in Spain for International Women's Day

In Spain, women were paid 13% and 19% less than their male counterparts in the public and private sectors respectively, data from the European Union's statistical provider Eurostat said.

About five million feminist women went on strike Thursday and marched in Spain in support of an global call for strike led by women to mark worldwide Women's Day and demand a just and egalitarian society.

As thousands of students marched in Milan on Thursday morning, one group broke off to chant slogans in front of a hospital, protesting the majority of Italian doctors who refuse to perform abortions, even though it is legal.

In Spain, women took part in a 24-hour strike to protest against gender inequality and sexual discrimination, reported Agence France-Presse. Its manifesto calls for "a society free of sexist oppression, exploitation and violence" and says: "We do not accept worse working conditions, nor being paid less than men for the same work".

The head of the the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, Sima Samar, reportedly said to women in Afghan security forces, "Your safety represents the safety of all Afghan women" and that they have an obligation to report abuse they witness.

Actress Penelope Cruz cancelled planned public events and said she would go on "domestic" strike.

Women staged strikes in dozens of cities across Spain previous year, but this will be the first nationwide walkout which is expected to include teachers, journalists, healthworkers and politicians, including Madrid's Mayor Manuela Carmena and her Barcelona counterpart Ada Colau.

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But it was retailers that dominated in China, with women being offered coupons and discounts on everything ranging from sportswear to cosmetics to healthcare to get them to spend more.

French daily paper Libération raised its price on Thursday - but only for men.

Organized by "Comision 8M", a forum made up of feminist groups from all over Spain, the strike drew support from all Spanish labor unions.

"We're so alarmed", she said, according to The Associated Press. It is a day when females are acknowledged for their accomplishments without regard to classifications, whether ethnic, national, cultural, linguistic, political, or economic.

Many other uses simply sent wishes or highlighted achievements in their nations.



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