Stephen Hawking explains what was there before the Big Bang


Stephen Hawking explains what was there before the Big Bang

Stephen Hawking has revealed his answer to one of society's most mind-boggling questions during a chat with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on Star Talk. Scientists call the birth event as the "big bang", but if this is how our universe, including our tiny little Earth, came to be, what existed before it?

Saying he uses a "Euclidean approach to quantum gravity to describe the beginning of the universe", Hawking goes deep into what that actually means.

Hawking stated that time was likely in a bent state, located in the nearly infinitely small quantum foam of the singularity before the big event occurred, noting that time was distorted, approaching closer to nothingness, but never becoming nothing.

Stephen Hawking has time and again warned against various issues that concern the world at large.

"The Euclidean space-time is a closed surface without end, like the surface of the Earth", he said.

The legendary physicist says that whatever happened before the Big Bang, the cataclysmic explosion of matter, exists outside our current understanding of time and space.

Hawking and Euclid said that imaginary time behaves like the fourth directional axis of space, where four-dimensional curved surfaces such as the surface of the Earth, add up extra two dimensions and make the six-dimensions.

We will note, recently a group of scientists led by astronomer Arizona state University Judd Bowman, found traces of the very first stars in the Universe. For instance, he explained how the South Pole obeys the normal laws of physics but indeed there is nothing in South of the South Pole.

He said that it wasn't the Big Bang that caused something to be created out of nothing.

To better understand this theory, Hawking proposes to "rewind" the development of the Universe.

During one of his lectures, Hawking had stated that there are no observable consequences from what occurred before the Big Bang. "There is nothing south of the South Pole, so there was nothing around before the big bang". "Rewind far enough (about 13.8 billion years), and the whole universe will shrink to the size of a single atom", said Hawking.



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