PNG LNG repairs to take two months following quake


PNG LNG repairs to take two months following quake

Papua New Guinea (PNG) declared a state of emergency across the earthquake-hit region last week but the scale of the disaster will not be known until relief workers and authorities can complete their assessments in the area.

Strong aftershocks rocked Papua New Guinea's remote and rugged highlands on Monday, as the death toll climbed to 55 from a 7.5-magnitude natural disaster a week ago, and is expected to rise further.

The country's remote highlands were again rocked by strong aftershock, raising the number to three aftershocks, each stronger than magnitude 5.

Relief crews are struggling with blocked roads and power cut offs making the amend process very slow, as the last of the powerful quake of 7.5-magnitude left damages in the Pacific nation's mountainous interior.

Aid workers say almost 150,000 people are in urgent need of emergency supplies with many of them displaced as their homes are either destroyed or badly damaged.

"The challenge is road access - they are still not accessible to trucks and four-wheel drives", Udaya Regmi said. One resident described enormous devastation and said he was living on top of the rubble of his home with dwindling food supplies and contaminated water to drink.

"There are no fears of starvation yet but we've not got the full picture".

"Most people have been traumatised emotionally from all that is happening and the continual earthquakes going on, their gardens and even homes have collapsed".

"One of those appears to be extremely large ..."

Australian and New Zealand defense forces have begun delivering aid and the China Red Cross and Beijing have pledged financial assistance.

Aid workers warned of the need for help in the hard-to-reach region.

PNG company Oil Search said it would donate up to $6.4 million in cash and in kind support for disaster relief, while global giant Exxon Mobil said it would give $1.3 million.

Oil Search's helicopters and personnel are also helping to distribute emergency aid to local villages.



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