"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to 7 years in prison


He told the court that "the one person to blame for me being here today is me..." "But Martin's fine and will be fine and obviously it could have been a lot worse". "He's not a teenager who just needs some mentoring".

Assistant US Attorney Jacquelyn Kasulis had said a 15-year sentence was justified in part because Shkreli's crimes were not an "isolated lapse in judgment", but a pattern of conduct including separate frauds for his two hedge funds and for his drug company Retrophin Inc.

Shkreli, who once led Turing Pharmaceuticals, became known as "Pharma Bro" and is infamous for suddenly raising the price of the drug Daraprim in 2015 by 5,000% - from US$13.50 (B422) a pill to $750 (B23,483). Shkreli was indicted for the unrelated securities fraud charges in December 2015.

The defendant hung his head and choked up as he admitted to many mistakes and apologized to the investors he was convicted of defrauding. "I took down Martin Shkreli with my disgraceful and shameful actions".

The disgraced former pharmaceutical executive and hedge fund manager was convicted in August past year of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and two counts of securities fraud.

Before sentencing him, the judge said that it was up to Congress to fix the issue of the drug price hike. Fittingly, he will likely lose the album after being order to forfeit $7.36 million in assets.

Brafman, noting that he was old enough to be Shkreli's father, said his client had not always been easy to work with. He told the court that he sometimes wants to hug Shkreli and sometimes wants to punch him, but that his outspokenness shouldn't be held against him.

Shkreli's behavior during the trial a year ago led the judge to call him out for his constant smirking; however, in court Friday during sentencing he seemed to bring a different energy as he broke into tears and asked the judge for leniency. She said that the offer could be viewed as "solicitation of an assault". She said it was clear he is a "tremendously gifted individual who has the capacity for kindness". Since then he's caught the attention of the public eye for a number of different reasons, including buying the only copy of the Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for a reported $2 million and offering his Facebook followers $5,000 to grab a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair during her book tour. She cited his bragging after the verdict that he would be sentenced to time served.



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