Passenger suffers burns after phone catches fire pre-flight


Passenger suffers burns after phone catches fire pre-flight

A passenger was burned when her mobile phone caught fire onboard a Canadian domestic flight on Thursday (Mar 1) morning, officials said.

The airline said that the woman was able to walk off the plane after being treated by emergency personnel, but the extent of her injuries is unknown.

Air Canada told CTV News that the fire was immediately put out and caused no damage to the aircraft. He was treated by emergency services before walking off the plane.

No word yet on the make and model of the phone.

Dan Adamus, of the Air Line Pilots Association, said single cellphone fires aren't a particular risk for flights because they can be easily and quickly extinguished.

Air Canada did not provide details on how many airports were affected but Toronto Pearson International Airport has not reported disruptions.

'I look behind me and in the aisle it looked like a small campfire-sized flame, ' passenger Brandon Scott said to CTV News. The flight carrying 266 passengers departed for Vancouver after a two hour delay.

Toronto city councilor Joe Cressy, who was also present on the plane, tweeted after the incident. "But frankly, thanks to the exceptionally professional response of the Air Canada staff, that concern went away and we were up in the air in two hours".

"Had this happened while we were mid-flight it would be a very different feeling", said Cressy.

"Lithium battery volatile problems are enough of an issue that it's a common topic of discussion and you see photos popping up online".



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