Netflix's wild documentary 'Icarus' exposes Russian doping scandal


Netflix's wild documentary 'Icarus' exposes Russian doping scandal

"Icarus" won the Oscar for best Documentary Feature.

Icarus beat out "Last Men in Aleppo", "Strong Island", "Faces Places" and "Abacus: Small Enough to Jail".

"The film "Icarus" was given an Oscar in the wrong category", the RBC business portal cited Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov as saying Tuesday.

At the Oscars Sunday, Mr. Fogel, the director, thanked Mr. Swartz and Mr. Fialkow, who were on the stage for the award acceptance. "We hope Icarus is a wake-up call - yes, about Russian Federation, but more importantly, about telling the truth".

Fogel dedicated the award to Grigory Rodchenkov, "our fearless whistleblower who now lives in grave danger", he said.

The director also praised Netflix during his speech. Fogel wanted to do a Super Size Me-style documentary of doping himself and then racing an Haute Route cycling event while evading positive tests in order to expose the shortfalls of the World Anti-Doping Agencies testing regime. (He has seen the film.) Fogel, meanwhile, is writing a TV series in the vein of Netflix's The Crown and FX's The Americans about the alleged 40-year history of Russia's state-run doping program, which Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied.

"Icarus" had such an impact that it initially forced the International Olympic Committee to ban Russian Federation from the recent Winter Olympic games in South Korea.

The Russian Olympic Committee was suspended from participating at Pyeongchang, though many athletes were invited to compete as "Olympic athletes from Russia".

Considered the Russian equivalent of Edward Snowden, Rodchenkov was placed in protective custody of the US and only communicates with Fogel through legal counsel. It is available to watch through the Netflix streaming service.



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