Mark Cuban On Resurfaced Sexual Assault Claim: "It Didn't Happen"


Mark Cuban On Resurfaced Sexual Assault Claim:

Dallas Mavericks owner and tech billionaire Mark Cuban has denied a sexual assault allegation from 2011 that resurfaced this week in a report by Willamette Week, a weekly alternative newspaper in Portland, Ore.

"Because all leads have been exhausted and there remains a lack of physical or substantial circumstantial evidence", Portland Police Detective Brendan McGuire wrote July 28, 2011, "I recommend the case be suspended". However, if this suddenly turns into a cascade of allegations as has happened with many other prominent men in the #MeToo movement, then it goes without saying Cuban and the National Basketball Association would be embroiled in very problematic circumstances.

In a report explaining why they weren't pursuing the case, prosecutors wrote that "there is no evidence to corroborate the complainant's statement and there is evidence contradicting the claim".

Cuban has vigorously denied the allegation, with his attorney, Stephen Houze, noting that police conducted a thorough investigation and opted not to press charges. "Cuban. This incident never happened and her accusations are false".

According to Portland Police Department documents obtained by Willamette Week, a woman ran into Cuban while out on the town with her boyfriend following a Mavericks game against the Portland Trailblazers in April 2011.

She reportedly told police two weeks later, including in her complaint seven photographs taken of her and Cuban. "I stand behind that report 1,000%". One image is described as "Cuban reaching down towards her buttocks".

Additionally, Cuban emailed multiple media outlets, simply saying "It didn't happen".

Last month, Sports Illustrated published a report detailing several instances of alleged sexual harassment and domestic violence by Dallas Mavericks employees, including former president and CEO Terdema Ussery.

In the wake of the SI report, Cuban fired reporter Earl K. Sneed, telling ESPN that keeping Sneed on board after multiple domestic violence incidents was "a disgusting mistake in hindsight".



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