Marin moms demand action, prepare for marches against gun violence


Marin moms demand action, prepare for marches against gun violence

Nurses are joining the marches in Parkland and Sarasota, Fl., Washington D.C., Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Tex., Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Calif.

While motorists honked their horns in support, as can be viewed here, March Organizer Debi Baron revealed to Clarke Broadcasting that on the eve of the rally they received a graphic and threatening email calling for the group to "stay away from our guns", to which she retorts, "We're not trying to take your guns away". The national march's website says 838 marches, rallies and related events will occur Saturday. "It's our fault", he says.

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Student activists in Marshall County know that a lot of people here feel the same way.They know arguments about gun control, if framed as arguments against guns in general, will fail. We anticipate more responses on this article, and welcome them.

Pugh announced the city would be providing 60 buses - she hoped for 3,000 kids - during a national school walkout earlier this month.

In Los Angeles, marcher Carly Dutcher, a high school freshman from Studio City, California, said that she was shocked when a theatre teacher showed her and her classmates how they could pull a tampon dispenser off a bathroom wall and use it to battle a school shooter.

I'm curious whether you intended the article as an op-ed piece or whether perhaps you had originally intended for it to appear in the local business section of the paper.

"They've grown up seeing gun violence".

By mid-afternoon Saturday the rallies had proceeded peacefully, with small and scattered counter-protests by opponents of stricter gun control.

"We have never lived in a world where there weren't major school shootings", said Kate Lebrun, 18. She said it was time for elected officials in Washington to take heed of the anger and activism that has seized the country in recent weeks. "It needs to stop, so we can have a better future". But after survivors and their supporters flooded the state capital, lawmakers passed stronger gun laws. "It's just making our schools and communities safer".

While Landis can't vote in the mid-term elections, she said politicians should pay attention to this movement.

"We want all voices heard", Robinson said.

Dorantes says he's lost 20 young people in his parish in the last two years to gun violence, and is exhausted of burying the next generation and hopes this is a turning point for both Chicago and the country. "So even if we're just saying it, at least we're saying it". "That there's really a conversation happening at all - I think that really means something good is going to come from this".



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