Kim Jong Un agrees to hold summit with S. Korea pres.: KCNA


Kim Jong Un agrees to hold summit with S. Korea pres.: KCNA

"This is great", said Kim Han-jin, a young businessman.

South Korea exported 3.6 million tons of steel products to the USA last year, becoming the third largest source of steel after Canada and Brazil, according to the US Department of Commerce.

After several meetings in Seoul and Pyongyang, North Korea abandoned the talks months later, demanding that South Korea first repeal its anti-communist laws.

The Winter Olympics were held by "fellow countrymen of the same blood" and provided "a good atmosphere of reconciliation, unity and dialogue between the north and the south", KCNA quoted Kim Jong Un as telling the South Korean envoys. Moon's envoys were reciprocating her trip.

Kim Jong Un had invited Moon to North Korea for a summit, which was the first such request from a North Korean leader to a South Korean president.

Monday's delegation included spy chief Suh Hoon, who is a veteran in dealings with the North.

"The government deems that the special envoys' visit was an important turning point in establishing peace and improving inter-Korean relations, and working-level negotiations will begin", Chung said, adding that he head to Russian Federation and China after the United States trip, and Suh to Japan for the same goal. Kim Yong Chol attended the February 25 closing ceremony at the Games. They are scheduled to return to the South on Tuesday.

Steps to end North Korea's nuclear arms program were also believed to be discussed, he said. They also show the North Korean leader and his wife sharing a table with the South's envoys.

Kim was said to have "repeatedly clarified that it is our consistent and principled stand and his firm will to vigorously advance the north-south relations and write a new history of national reunification by the concerted efforts of our nation to be proud of in the world".

"We must talk with North Korea for the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula", Moon said.

"Above all, I will communicate clearly the will and intention of the president, who wants the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and create a lasting peace by utilizing the flow of the inter-Korean dialogue", Chung said.

"The delegation is meant to bring some kind of outcome with which to persuade the United States", a senior official with Moon's party told Reuters.

Hand, in particular, discussed holding inter-Korean summit with South Korean President, The New York Times reported.

South and North Korea have agreed to hold summit talks in Panmunjom, near the Demilitarized Zone, in April, the South Korean government announced on Tuesday. Photos of the events hosted for the visitors were also released with scant delay. It is rare for Kim Yo Jong and Ri Sol Ju to appear at diplomatic functions.

Pyongyang is also concerned about joint US-South Korea military exercises, which it sees as preparations for war.

The agreement, which the North's media described as "satisfactory", focuses on easing tensions and denuclearization.

The leaders are to have their first telephone conversation before the planned summit, he added.

From the North Korean side were Kim Jong Un, his sister Kim Yo-jong and Workers' Party Central Committee Vice Chairman Kim Yong-chol. "The last inter-Korean summit was in 2007 when late former president Roh Moo-hyun was in office".

The delegation is pushing for talks between the nuclear-armed regime and the United States, after Kim sent his sister Kim Yo-jong to the Winter Games in the South. "To be honest, we had nearly no information about Kim Jong-un". So two very different approaches to the same problem.



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