Jimmy Kimmel Says He Won't Address Me Too Movement At The Oscars


Jimmy Kimmel Says He Won't Address Me Too Movement At The Oscars

It's the night where Hollywood fanfare reaches its annual fever-pitch, and much-loved late-night superstar Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting what's bound to be an interesting event after a tumultuous year in Tinseltown.

Dave Karger, special correspondent for entertainment website IMDB.com, said that while "Shape of Water" has the most overall appeal to Academy of Motion Picture voters, Jordan Peele's bold "Get Out", a look at modern race relations through the prism of a horror movie, "is emerging as the underdog of choice". "We simply want to compile a gift bag where busy celebrities can find new beauty products, off-the-beaten-path trips and even items to share with their children and pets", says Lash Fary, founder of Los Angeles marketing firm Distinctive Assets, which creates the bags.

Kimmel: This year, we're going to plant the wrong envelope in a number of categories, just to keep people on their toes. "We want to keep it positive and stay on that message".

Speaking of food, DeGeneres also started a trend during the 2014 show by feeding the actors with a surprise pizza delivery - and taking up a collection to pay the pizza guy. They're flickering images, and you are spellbound as if you're around a campfire. Indeed, as the producers of La La Land took the stage to accept what they thought was their best picture award, the production team was preparing to bring the carefully choreographed telecast in for a smooth landing.

Five directors are nominated for this category, and I honestly think it could reasonably go to four of them.

At another, Hope cracked: "I think they ought to give me an Oscar just for attendance, don't you?" I think Moonlight will be remembered.

AP: From talking about mass shootings to your son's health challenges, you've really shown who you are on your talk show.

Joshua Crowley, university studies senior, said he'll be watching this year's Oscars mostly out of curiosity. "I try, but you never know what can happen".

"I get to invest a little time right now and say, 'Please don't roast me!'" Chalamet said. "Those three have the most contending chance to win, and I really appreciated 'Dunkirk" for what it was". But if there's a moment where I.have something serious to share, then I will.

Anderson-Lehman: It's tough, but I think Roger Deakins is going to take this for "Blade Runner 2049".

Few who sat at home watching last year's Oscars telecast are likely to soon forget the show's shocking and chaotic final moments, in which La La Land was mistakenly announced as best picture over the actual victor, Moonlight.

TPN: Do you feel that any film was snubbed an Oscar nomination?

Kimmel: I just hope people will go, 'That was a great show all the way through, from the beginning to the end.



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