French far-right member suspended | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer


French far-right member suspended | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Marine Le Pen was the only candidate.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is set to propose a name change for the National Front, part of a makeover created to make the anti-immigration party relevant again after she was defeated by Emmanuel Macron in the presidential race. "But you know it is for many French people a psychological obstacle".

On the eve of conference, it is claimed he called a bouncer at a bar in Lille a "black piece of s**t".

Le Pen's proposal culminated her closing speech at the party's two-day congress in Lille, the capital of the National Front's northern heartland.

Since taking over in 2011, Le Pen has worked to remove the stigma of racism and anti-Semitism attached to the National Front under her father's leadership.

Rodriguez has admitted there was an argument but told Buzzfeed a video purportedly showing the incident had been fabricated.

In a nod to the apparently large contingent of members opposed to a name change, Le Pen noted that the National Front name, which the party has had since its founding in 1972, is linked to a "glorious" past.

Since then, she has struggled for authority in the FN.

The moves were part of the broader makeover created to revive the nationalist party's fortunes after Marine Le Pen's loss to Emmanuel Macron 10 months ago.

The position has been abolished and Mr Le Pen was barred from attending the conference.

Trump, who had campaigned touting similar views on immigration, Islam, trade, the European Union and Russian Federation, came close to endorsing Le Pen as she sought to defeat Macron past year.

The divorced mother of three received another boost on Saturday from former Donald Trump aide Steve Bannon who appeared alongside her at the FN conference and told delegates that "history is on our side".

"Let them call you racists, let them call you xenophobes, let them call you nativists. Because every day we get stronger and they get weaker", Bannon told the audience.

The presence of the former head of far-right Breitbart News drew a stinging response from Macron's government.

"The king of fake news and of white supremacists at an FN summit... why am I not surprised?" remarked parliamentary affairs minister Christophe Castaner, who is also the head of Macron's centrist Republic on the Move party.

Trump came close to endorsing Le Pen as she sought to defeat Macron past year.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the 89-year old far-right veteran who founded the party in 1972, called the name change political "suicide" in an interview with Reuters last month.

The new name would need to be approved by party members in a mail vote and it is unclear whether it will be accepted.

In contrast, 90% of respondents wanted a referendum on continued membership of the European Union, and 98% wanted to cut immigration.

She watered down her anti-euro stance, which has proved unpopular beyond the party's core fans, after the election, refocusing the party on migration and security as other far-right parties in Europe have done.



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