Former WWE Diva Sunny Arrested Three Times This Year


Former WWE Diva Sunny Arrested Three Times This Year

The report adds the 45 year old Stych is now in a New Jersey jail after being arrested on fugitive of justice and contempt charges.

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch has been arrested once again. She still remains in custody of the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office today and charges include warrants from Aberdeen Township for Failure To Appear In Court with a bondable amount of $5,000 as well as a charge in Knowlton Township (NJ) for another failure to appear with a bondable amount of $1000.

Otherwise, Sytch has been arrested a few times in Pennsylvania for DUI, other traffic related charges, and has been held for parole violation.

The conditions of release also ordered Sytch to perform 75 hours of community service and outlined that she would have a "zero-tolerance" threshold for possession or consumption of alcohol and non-prescribed medication.

Sytch, who turned 45 years old in December, has been arrested several times over the years.

In 2016, Sytch pleaded guilty to criminal counts stemming from three separate DUI incidents in Pennsylvania. She remained in jail on these charges through her arraignment in January 2017, before being released on the 3 of February.

Judge Joseph T. Matika sentenced her to 97 days in prison, only to then give her credit for 95 days in rehab and two days in jail.

Run-ins with the law: In 2012, Sytch was repeatedly arrested in CT on domestic violence charges.

Her bond was set at $6,000. That is not really an exaggeration either, her record is as long as her WWE career.

She has starred in one adult movie, "Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor", and offers webcam sessions on Skype.



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