DOJ Sues California Over Sanctuary State Law


DOJ Sues California Over Sanctuary State Law

Brown reacted to news with a brief communiqué in which he seemed to mock tweets Trump: "In a time of unprecedented political storm, Jeff sessions comes to California to divide and polarize America even more. We need our immigration and customs officers, our ICE Officers, our border patrol officers, they are your brother and sisters", he continued.

Sessions particularly called out Oakland's mayor, Libby Schaaf, after she tipped off an immigrant community to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid, as an example of what he sees as California's lawlessness. She says she did nothing illegal.

After almost a year of threats, the Trump administration made its most aggressive move to date against a familiar target of its ire: California and its immigration policies.

"So here's my message to Mayor Schaaf", Sessions added.

He told officers at the meeting, "California is using every power it has, and some it doesn't, to frustrate federal law enforcement". The lawsuit also names Gov. But the lawsuit itself was filed yesterday afternoon in the United States District Court, Eastern District of California.

"We look forward to reviewing the facts as they present them to our attorneys".

"Doug, that is a very good analysis and summary of some of the fundamental principles here and I'm actually going to say it in my speech now that you mention it".

Brown suggested that, given reports of President Donald Trump's unhappiness with the attorney general since he recused himself from an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Sessions might simply be trying to keep his job.

"This is a political stunt".

"It can not be the policy of a great nation to up and reward those who unlawfully enter its country with legal status, Social Security, welfare, food stamps, and work permits", Sessions said in the speech.

The Trump administration previous year announced plans to withhold federal grant money from jurisdictions deemed to refuse cooperation with ICE.

SB 54 prevents law enforcement officials from transferring undocumented prisoners to federal custody and notifying federal immigration agents about their release dates. Assembly Bill 450 requires an employer to ask for proper court documents before allowing immigration agents access to the workplace or to employee information. Another stops local governments from contracting with for-profit companies and ICE to hold immigrants.

Sessions is expected to speak at 8:05 a downtown Sacramento hotel.

An email to the California attorney general's office was not immediately returned.

California's state laws protecting people in the USA illegally have been a direct response to Mr Trump's harsh immigration policies and promises. "Bragging about and encouraging the obstruction of our law enforcement and I am afraid that this is an embarrassment to the proud state of California".

Schaaf issued an unusual public warning last month about an immigration operation in Northern California.

Sessions criticized Mayor Libby Schaaf in a speech Wednesday to law enforcement officials after he sued California over laws that restrict cooperation with US immigration authorities.



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