Craziest Moments From 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All'


Craziest Moments From 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All'

As you can tell by everyone's shocked faces in the photo above, though, there was still plenty of drama to go around.

After shocking the "Tell All" audience with her comments, Nielson attempted to defend her actions after the taping. A unusual cover of "How Do I Live Without You" plays, I guess to signal that this is some big love story. Good news for Kendall: Arie laughs at her Mad Max joke - though I'm not 100 percent convinced he got the reference. She tells Arie, "I know what you did, and I don't know how you could do that". There's also the heartbreak that Caroline seemed to suggest was coming at the Women Tell All - we do think in some cases that production would frown on some sort of semi-spoiler coming out like that, but in this case it's nearly the ideal bait for there to be this ominous warning lingering out there. This time it was to break things off with her. They ride until the dune buggy nearly goes over the edge of a sand cliff and they bail, leaving the driver perched over the edge, while they make out in the sand.

We get confirmation that Caroline is drunk when she nearly spoils what happens at the end of the season.

The lack of enthusiasm with which she exclaims mutters, "I'm really happy", the next morning explains it all, and they end the date gently whispering declarations of love.

Several of the women chimed in, calling her everything from "fake" to a "sociopathic". You know, it doesn't really matter.

He knocked on Arie's door and said he wanted to marry Becca and was here to get her back. "And what you hear me saying, it wasn't me, it was my teammates and I". You guys will see all of it, and everything. "I just know what I feel in my heart for the past seven years". Right on cue, Arie says, "Dune-buggying is like a relationship, there are lots of ups and downs". (@ariejr) February 26, 2018 Bachelor in Paradise auditions wait I mean "Women Tell All". Not only was Ben a constant TV topic while he and Lauren were attempting to move past the show, but Lauren was constantly reminded that her fiance did, in fact, love another woman at the same time that he loved her - and she got to watch it play out live.

Kendall isn't sure that she is ready to get hitched after dating a man for two weeks, but she knows that Arie is looking to put a ring on someone. "We nearly died!" Arie says, with the manic laughter of somebody who might already be dead inside.

Becca spent the day on a boat and her Fantasy Suite was a small tent in the middle of the desert.

Becca went to see Arie, who had been fuming in his room, to say she didn't want Ross's stunt to taint her relationship with him. Like, you should know I'm the one even while we sit on the couch watching Netflix and eating Taco Bell.

According to ABC, Burnham has a hard time enjoying her overnight date with Luyendyk.

She might have some competition for the latter, though - which brings us to Tia. She's clearly not over him yet, but she seems hopeful about finding love with someone else someday. She admits that she's constantly anxious about where he stands with the other girls, and fears getting heartbroken.

- The bachelorette's bucket list includes hot-air ballooning, grape stomping, falling in love, and owning a house and dog with her partner.



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