Barbie releases new dolls to mark International Women's Day


Barbie releases new dolls to mark International Women's Day

Kahlo's great-niece Mara de Anda Romeo said Mattel doesn't have the rights to use Kahlo's image.

It's quite a week for Barbie, in honor of International Women's Day 17 new dolls were revealed based on heroic and inspiring women. She says that while she has been careful not to introduce Barbies too early to her children and grandchildren because of the unattainable image that Barbie can promote, she would consider buying one of the dolls for her grandaughter.

The latter violated its contract by failing to inform Kahlo's relatives about the uses of her image, Mr Sangri claimed.

Mattel, for its part, says it received the rights through Isolda Pinedo Kahlo, whose name appears on the Frida Kahlo Corporation's website, more than a decade ago.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her portrait and self-portrait masterpieces.

But Kahlo's family soon issued a statement objecting to the doll. Alvarado declined to comment on how much the deal cost the corporation, which licenses rights to a variety of products - including tequila and Converse shoes - to educate the public on Kahlo's story. But Kahlo's signature facial hair, critics quickly noted, was missing from her stick-thin incarnation.

In a statement, Mattel said the company worked in close partnership with, and secured permission from, the Frida Kahlo Corporation to create the doll.

This is a great initiative which includes: snowboarding champion Chloe Kim, filmmaker Patty Jenkins, conservationist Bindi Irwin, boxing champion Nicola Adams, windsurfer Çağla Kubat, chef Hélène Darroze, volleyball champion Hui Ruoqi, designer Leyla Piedayesh, professional golfer Lorena Ochoa, journalist Martyna Wojciechowska, soccer player Sara Gama, actress and philanthropist Xiaotong Guan, prima ballerina Yuan Tan, and fashion designer Vicky Martin Berrocal. "I would like the doll to have traits more like Frida's, not this doll with light-colored eyes", she said.

Tonner Doll made the 17-year-old into an 18-inch doll that was revealed in NY last year.



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