Apple's new iOS 11.3 lets users control battery performance


Apple's new iOS 11.3 lets users control battery performance

The update also includes new information about your iPhone's battery health.

Check for updates now to download iOS 11.3. The update addresses the controversial battery-based performance throttling issue as Apple received public backlash over deliberately slowing down iPhones to conserve battery life. It is said to be the biggest update for the iPhone and iPad since iOS 11 as it has brought some bold new features which Apple doesn't usually give. There are also several other smaller features in iOS 11.3. And the feature has been made available for iPhone 6 and later iPhones. Now, iOS offers details on your battery's health, and if your battery performance is poor it will direct you to support information about getting it replaced.

Turning off the "performance management" feature might make your phone feel zippier, but could also result in your device turning off unexpectedly.

A vulnerability in the Safari login autofill feature that could allow a malicious website to exfiltrate autofilled data in Safari without explicit user interaction. If you notice the power management feature is on, then you can turn it off if you want. With iOS 11.3, users can head to the battery settings to check the battery health of their iPhone and whether it has been slowed down via software or not. The feature is still in beta and available only in select few countries.

iOS 11.3 allows iPhone users to view battery health and switch off performance throttling.

New iOS 11.3 has arrived right after a one and half month the launch of iOS 11.2.6.

Inside the Messages app, you can communicate directly with businesses such as Home Depot. These conversations can be continued on Mac or Apple Watch. This feature, however, is U.S. exclusive.

With iOS 11.3, apps can now deliver AR experiences that use vertical surfaces like walls and doors, in addition to horizontal surfaces. There are a total of 16 different characters now.

iPhone X users can now enjoy even more Animoji with lion, bear, dragon or a skull. It's the third major update for iOS 11 since it was released last summer, and the first to address one of Apple's biggest scandals. This is according to a post on Reddit (via AppleInsider) and other social media platforms in which a number of users are alleging that the update has somewhat degraded the bass impact and loudness, leaving them with a dull-sounding speaker.

The official stable iOS 11.3 is now in its pre-release state which is yet to go official in various markets around the world. You can find this feature inside Settings Battery.

For those users that take their app downloading and buying seriously, sorting reviews has arrived. It is compatible with iPhone 5s and later, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation.



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