A-listers skip Ryan Seacrest's Oscars red carpet show


A-listers skip Ryan Seacrest's Oscars red carpet show

Oscar nominee Diane Warren says she did not hesitate to stop to do an interview with E! host Ryan Seacrest on the Oscars red carpet Sunday.

With sexual harassment alligations still hovering over RYAN SEACREST (NET NEWS 2/26), CNN reports, "The line of well-dressed celebrities waiting to chat with E! on the Oscars red carpet might be a little shorter this year".

The E! presenter has vehemently denied the claims made by his former stylist Suzie Hardy. On 1 February E! said after its investigation into the allegations, there was "insufficient evidence to support the claims" Hardy made. Co-host Kelly Ripa, who Seacrest openly calls his "work wife", also backed Seacrest live on their morning show. Hardy said that Seacrest rubbed his genitalia against her and slapped her buttock hard enough to leave a welt.

Though some have been speaking out against Seacrest's involvement in E!'s Oscars red carpet coverage, notable names including Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner and his cohost Giuliana Rancic shared messages of support ahead of Sunday's broadcast. Blige told Seacrest how much she loved "Live with Kelly and Ryan!".

His co-host Ripa also told him, "You look incredible".

"This is not about his guilt or innocence", Tarana continued.

Burke said the network's decision to move forward with Seacrest as their red carpet host "will let us know where they stand in terms of how respectful E!"

Award show red carpets are created to be frothy fun affairs where fashion is instantly critiqued, gentle small talk is spread across hundreds of entertainment news cameras and maybe something meme-friendly can tumble out to keep Twitter busy.

Following her interview with Seacrest, Henson reportedly told the next reporter: "I'm great now that I'm in your company".

Seacrest announced last November that E! was investigating an accusation of misconduct against him by "someone that worked ... for me almost a decade ago at E! I don't know about the Ryan Seacrest thing".

"Watching Ryan Seacrest on @e_entertainment is making so uncomfortable, I can't imagine how the actresses will feel #notfair #getittogethere!" one viewer tweeted. "I am not a jury ... that is where this stuff gets tricky".

"I don't want to accuse anyone of not telling the truth but in this case, I have no choice but to again deny the claims against me, remind people that I was recused of any wrongdoing, and put the matter to rest".



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