Washington will consider using franchise tag on Cousins despite Alex Smith trade


Washington will consider using franchise tag on Cousins despite Alex Smith trade

Cousins could also delay signing the tag for months, meaning the quarterback could tie up the Redskins' cap space in free agency.

We at Jet Fuel have already discussed the potential ramifications from the Smith deal.

Trying to lure Kirk Cousins to the Jets with plenty of green may not be so simple after all.

According to a report from ESPN, the decision would allow the franchise to "recoup some of the compensation" going to the Chiefs that will be traded away when they acquire quarterback Smith once the new league year begins in March. But Cousins said he was glad to hear several players lobby their teams for him, from Denver linebacker Von Miller to Cleveland left tackle Joe Thomas. And it seemed the only avenue toward that goal was signing the free agent Cousins to, likely, the most pricey National Football League contract dolled out.

The Redskins can't trade Cousins either if he does not sign under the tag.

Until Cousins signs the tag, Washington would be on the hook for the amount of his tag, which, because he was tagged previous year, would be approximately $34.5 million, or 120 percent of his 2017 salary.

This is a messy situation, no doubt.

But Cousins could also undercut any return by telling teams that express interest in trading for him that he would not sign a long-term contract in 2018.

Dan Snyder
Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has a decision to make. AP

Those concerns could scare Washington away from franchise-tagging Cousins.

As Schefter notes, tagging Cousins for a third time would drastically impact other teams' draft and free agency strategies, and it would prevent the signal caller from choosing where he plays for the next four to five years.

Okay, let's take a breather from that.

Death to the franchise tag!

For now, talk of Cousins and complicated deals are a fun way to pass the time while we all wait to see what Dorsey has planned for the quarterback position this season. He has not missed a game in any of the past three seasons. I also know the Jets would probably be thrilled to have a passer with a 2-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. ". I think Washington can win". I view him as a top-12 quarterback, but probably not a top-10 talent. Meanwhile, it's been reported that the Vikings may be at the top of Cousins' wish list. Every player looks forward to free agency.

Believe it or not, the small sample size I polled on Twitter somewhat agrees.

From Cousins' perspective, he perhaps would not want to turn this into a drawn-out process, because that might mean missing spring practices (which are valuable for an incoming quarterback) with his new team.



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