UK Police Are Telling People Not To Call Them About Closed KFCs


UK Police Are Telling People Not To Call Them About Closed KFCs

Hundreds of KFC outlets remained shut in Britain on Wednesday due to a supply crisis, leaving fans craving a fix of deep-fried chicken.

As of Monday, about 300 of KFC's 900 locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are open, according to a list on KFC's website.

Salaried employees will be paid as normal, while others on short term contracts will be paid the average hours worked per day over the last 12 weeks, the company said.

KFC restaurants in the United Kingdom are now facing a crisis: they've run out of chicken.

Kustiyah Bego, 42, also expressed disbelief: "It doesn't make sense for me".

I guess when there's a chicken dry spell you have to cut out the middleman and go straight to the source.

She said: "Council inspectors visited the depot on Tuesday because they were not aware it was operating as a cold storage depot".

KFC swapped deliverers from Bidvest Group to DHL last week, causing what the fried-chicken empire described as "teething problems" which have crippled its ability to operate.

"We're updating this as regularly as we can and our teams are working around the "cluck" to get the rest back up and running as soon as possible", a spokesperson said.

The issues have lead to widespread online mockery for the chain.

Of KFC's 900 outlets 780 are run by franchisees. However, popular vegan brand, Quorn, offered another option.

The GMB says DHL is "not geared up" to deliver chicken around the country.

KFC wrote on Saturday: "The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants".

"Donating to local charities is one option, and we're looking at many others", it added.

"To be clear, nothing will leave for delivery or be served at our restaurants that doesn't meet our incredibly high standards".

KFC was previously a client of Bidvest Logistics but has since swapped contract to enlist DHL for food deliveries.

GMB Union national officer Mick Rix told the BBC "a number" of things had gone wrong.

While Bidvest supplies food from six warehouses across the country, DHL only has one warehouse dealing with the chicken supply.



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