Trudeau wraps cross-country town hall tour with meeting in Nanaimo, BC


Trudeau wraps cross-country town hall tour with meeting in Nanaimo, BC

Eric Adams, an associate professor in the faculty of law at the University of Alberta specializing in constitutional law, said Notley's claims that breaking federal law are only partially correct.

Litwin is encouraging project supporters to stand up and be counted.

"We need this pipeline and we're going to move forward with it responsibly like I committed to".

Re: "B.C. and Alberta face off over coast", column, February 1. "It's about protecting what is our common heritage as Canadians and British Columbia is a component part of our great federation", he said, adding B.C. signed on as an "equal partner" in Canada and not to be subservient.

In a statement on his official Facebook page, Moe says the BC government is hiding "under the guise of environmental protection" and are rejecting the notices of the Canadian National Energy Board Act and Canadian Environmental Protection Act regarding the legitimate safety of transporting goods through pipelines being approved following inspection and review.

The Premier said he had spoken to Mr. Trudeau on Friday during the Prime Minister's visit to British Columbia, and they agreed to disagree on Trans Mountain.

If they can get inside, Christianne Wilhelmson said the groups' members hope to ask Trudeau about the pipeline and about federal plans to protect endangered southern resident orcas from the threat posed by tanker noise in Georgia Strait.

"We won't get the oceans protections plan investments, we won't get a national price on carbon and we would never meet our Paris targets".

"It's a really tricky area and the lines are blurry", he said.

Horgan, who like Notley leads an NDP government, swept into power in July after forming an alliance with his province's Green Party, which holds three seats in B.C.'s legislature.

The move could also mean higher rates for Alberta if they were to lose the competition, he said. "Which is, make life hard for this infrastructure project which they are opposed to, and they're going to continue to that".

Notley said she thanked Trudeau for his assurance that the project will go ahead, but the federal government has to do more to ensure the pipeline's expansion.

Two Fort St. John companies have joint venture projects that have been selected as contractors to build segments of the pipeline in the province's interior.



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