Titusville firefighters help boy stuck in claw machine


Titusville firefighters help boy stuck in claw machine

Perhaps not surprisingly, this claw machine rescue is not the first of its kind.

The boy, known as Mason, had been eating with his family at a restaurant in Titusville when he sneaked off to try his luck at a nearby claw machine.

While dining with his mother Wednesday evening, Mason decided that he wanted a stuffed animal so badly that he chose to crawl into the game to get one.

However, once the firefighters started opening the machine, Mason began to cry.

An off-duty lieutenant from the department happened to be having dinner there, too, and he went to offer help when the parents realized their son, who appeared to be about 4 or 5, Sutton said, was inside the glass box.

Apparently seeing no reason to wrestle with the contraption to get one of the stuffed toys inside, the boy reportedly climbed in through the back and couldn't get out.

Mason wasn't trapped in the claw machine's evil clutch for long.

House "told the mother to call 911, knowing our guys are so close by and that they could handle the situation", Sutton told ABC News.

The fire department reported the rescue on its local Facebook page. And the machine sustained minimal damage.

Turns out the potentially frightening experience was worth it in the end: Mason got a toy football and more.



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