Tesla Set to Create the Largest Virtual Power Plant in the World


Tesla Set to Create the Largest Virtual Power Plant in the World

The Smart Energy Council said creating the world's biggest "virtual power plant" was a game-changer for South Australians wanting to cut their power bills.

The government today revealed a trial is already underway involving 1100 Housing Trust properties that have been provided with solar panel systems and a 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.

Of course, this won't be immediate, as they're beginning with a trial run for 1,100 homes over the course of four and a half years to see how efficiently this system works.

The program would later be rolled out to another 24,000 public housing properties and also offered to other households with a view to having at least 50,000 Adelaide homes connected.

Residents who wish to participate can register their interest on the Our Energy Plan Virtual Power Plant webpage. Officials will provide both a $2 million Australian ($1.6 million US) grant as well as a $30 million Australian ($23.8 million US) loan from the state's Renewable Technology Funds.

The 250MW/650MWh plant, which is how big it will be at the end of the 4.5-year schedule, can meet around 20% of South Australia's average daily energy requirements.

Data from Frontier Economics suggests the 250-megawatt system could lower household bills by as much as 30 percent. Additionally, all South Australians will also benefit from the increased generation in the South Australian energy mix, with lower energy prices and increased energy stability.

This would make the new project the largest virtual power plant in the entire world.

The scheme is part of a tie-up between the South Australian government and Tesla, Elon Musk's business creation. "South Australia needs a government that is focused on solutions, not stunts". "A vote for any other party risks another four years of the same exhausted, chaotic, dysfunction in South Australian politics and government", Mr Turnbull said. Those homes would be knitted together into what is being referred to as a 'virtual power plant'.

"Our energy plan means that we are leading the world in renewable energy and now we are making it easier for more homes to become self-sufficient", Mr Weatherill said.

The Minister for Social Housing, Zoe Bettison, said the decision to install the systems in Housing Trust homes would assist the most vulnerable.



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