Slovenia slips three spots in corruption perception


Slovenia slips three spots in corruption perception

Lithuania is in 38th place and Estonia is in 21st place.

Countries that took the top positions in the latest index are New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Switzerland.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad (pix) today expressed shock on Malaysia's ranking in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) as there had been increased enforcement throughout past year.

"In the current context, we need to make it clear, to whom it is not clear, that further delay in the full appointment of the chief justice can seriously erode the gains made in the Corruption Perception Index of 2017", Munro said.

Among G-20 countries, Turkey ranked 13th, while its score was second lowest among the 35 OECD member states.

Regionally, Taiwan is ranked seventh among the 31 countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region, where more than half of the countries scored less than 50.

Executive Director of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) Dr Iftekharuzzaman disclosed the annual CPI at a press conference at its office in Dhanmondi in Dhaka on Thursday. The report gives a snapshot of perceived corruption throughout the globe, by assigning a score out of 100 to each country.

The index measures perceived levels of public sector corruption globally, rating countries on a scale from zero, which is highly corrupt, to 100, which is very clean.

Western Europe was listed as the best-performing region and Sub-Saharan Africa as the worst.

It singled out the Philippines, India and the Maldives as countries that have fewer press freedoms and higher numbers of journalist deaths. An analysis found that in the past six years, more than nine out of 10 journalists were killed in countries with a score of 45 or less on the index.

It says most countries, including Australia, are making little or no progress in ending corruption.

Bangladesh has moved up two notches in the world corruption perceptions index, Transparency International revealed in a report published today.

"Just previous year, Yameen Rasheed, an outspoken critic of the Maldives government was murdered for his efforts to uncover the truth about the disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan" Transparency stated. In addition, global donors should consider press freedom relevant to development aid or access to worldwide organizations.

Transparency International stressed that the media are vital to combating corruption, calling for governments to encourage free speech and independent media.



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