Samsung saves Opera Max browser app from the deadpool


Samsung saves Opera Max browser app from the deadpool

Step forward Samsung, which said today that it has picked up the service and turned it into "Samsung Max" - as first spotted by VentureBeat. This app will reduce the amount of data you consume without hurting the experience.

Samsung Max is effectively the same as Opera Max, though the Korean technology giant said that it will "improve" the data-saving and privacy-protection modes, and it has also given the interface and UX a bit of a spit shine. Primarily, the Samsung Max app not just compress but also encrypt all the network traffic that flows from your apps using Samsung's in-house servers. With Samsung Max, our users in every corner of the globe now have increased autonomy and control over their data usage and privacy in an era of rising security threats, fraudulent apps and user profiling. This data saving app has returned, and it's now called Samsung Max. Users can also manage data permissions for specific apps and enjoy peace of mind with automatic background data usage blocked for all apps, tailoring data consumption to meet each user's needs.

It is worth noting here that the Samsung Max app is presently incompatible with devices other than the eligible Samsung devices.

Samsung stated that the app is designed taking the "popular features" from the company's "Make in India" program to offer "locally relevant and beneficial software and hardware". Hence, if you are a non-Samsung user, you are better off downloading some other data saving app.

Speaking about Privacy Protection Mode, it lets users securely use Internet while connected to unknown, open Wi-Fi hotspots by using encryption, tracker blocking and a DNS (Domain Name System) masking service.

It seems that Samsung has taken upon itself to bring the app from the dead.

Samsung Max is being launched as part of Samsung's "Make for India" program, but it'll come preinstalled on Galaxy A and Galaxy J devices in Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam, in addition to India.

In the press release, Samsung provided a brief FAQ on the app, giving the reason behind its development: "Ensuring trust in our products and services is our top priority".



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