Russian Federation sending back North Korean workers: Envoy


Russian Federation sending back North Korean workers: Envoy

China is now showing the world it is preparing for an inevitable nuclear war on the Korean peninsula. And this is not just the musings of a few hardheads in the Pentagon: a growing number of Americans believe some form of military action against North Korea is justified if sanctions and diplomacy fail to achieve denuclearisation.

Bearing in mind even cyberattacks created to destroy electricity, water supply and other infrastructure as well as military facilities, the document is aimed at facilitating a posture in which the U.S. can utilise its nuclear capability in dealing with various situations, thereby increasing its deterrent power.

The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has released its Nuclear Posture Review, which sets out the guiding principles of the country's nuclear strategy.

The White House said the two world leaders discussed North Korea and the fight against terrorism, but did not mention whether the attack on Britain's National Healthcare Service (NHS) came up in the conversation.

Among the fiscal needs, according to the Congressional Budget Office, would be: (1) $313 billion for a new ballistic missile submarine capable of firing nuclear missiles from beneath the ocean surface; (2) $149 billion for a new silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile; and (3) $266 billion for a new B-21 Stealth bomber.

A lawmaker in Seoul said some 36,000 foreigners had been banned from entering South Korea, including people connected with extremist groups such as Islamic State, to ensure security during the Games. "The ban on workers from North Korea will be a blow to the Russian economy but we scrupulously adhere the UNSC decision". The United States' UN envoy Nikki Haley earlier claimed that the bulk of the money North Korean guest workers earn overseas was used to fund these programs. "Not content with slandering the DPRK over 'degeneration" and 'oppression, ' he took issue with the non-existent 'human rights'".

Russia has started to deport North Korean workers in line with a UN Security Council resolution adopted last December, Russia's ambassador to North Korea, Aleksandr Matsegora, told journalists in NY.

It is truly unfortunate that the USA is renewing its attention to its nuclear arsenal, after eight years.

"The problem is that North Korea has no determination to give up its nuclear weapons program".

The increasing pressure on North Korea also comes amid speculations that the Trump administration is seriously considering a limited military strike on North Korea.

Koh did not rule out a possibility of North Korea-US dialogue following the Olympics next month.

Trump signaled his policy earlier in the day when White House sources let it be known Victor Cha, a distinguished professor at Georgetown who served in the presidency of George W. Bush as adviser on Korean affairs, would not be named USA ambassador to South Korea.



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