Report about Tom Brady threatening contract holdout a hoax


Report about Tom Brady threatening contract holdout a hoax

The Boston Herald has pulled an article from veteran sportswriter Ron Borges and suspended his regular columns, the paper announced on Friday, after a story about a money-hungry Tom Brady turned out to be false.

The only problem? It wasn't Don Yee, it was "Nick in Boston", a WEEI caller.

Borges has a history of plagiarism, and was sacked from the Boston Globe a decade ago.

A WEEI listener called into the radio station Friday morning saying he had posed as Brady's agent Don Yee to supply false information to a Herald columnist. If the Pats refused, Brady would refuse to attend off-season workouts, Nick wrote, still pretending to be Yee.

Earlier Thursday, San Francisco made Garoppolo the highest-paid player on a per-year basis in National Football League history by signing him to a five-year, $137.5 million deal that includes $74 million in guarantees. He wanted to talk to Don Yee, though, and the imposter said they actually had a brief phone conversation where he pretended to be Yee, and told him "run with it or don't". Borges had credited "sources" for the information. "But I called him and I was just like, 'Hey, Ronnie, it's Don'".

Sando had posted his piece to an online notes-sharing network used by Borges and other sports reporters nationwide.

Nick is probably not as surprised as Borges and his editors are.

The Herald deleted the story from its website this morning.

Borges' column was printed in Friday's Herald. However, the damage has already been done in print.

Borges let go by The Globe in May 2007.



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