Proposed DOE budget slashes clean energy research budget by 72%


Proposed DOE budget slashes clean energy research budget by 72%

President Donald Trump-who remarked Tuesday that his administration ended the nonexistent "war on lovely clean coal"-really wants to make fossil fuels great again".

While it's possible the current budget draft will change before it's formally released in the upcoming weeks, the cut is consistent with the 69 percent cut to renewable programs that the Trump administration proposed for the current year.

Mr Trump has made his preference for natural gas and "clean coal" known, boasting in his recent State of the Union address that he had "ended the war on clean coal" and made America "an exporter of energy to the world".

The current allocation for the Energy Department's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is set at a $2.04 billion. The White House proposed to cut EERE's budget to $636.1 million for this year, but Congress did not approve the proposal. It also said the source commented that the budget could be created to move more money toward funding nuclear energy, at the request of Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

"While government has made some critical and important first steps towards the development of the sector, much more needs to be done, specifically as it relates to the pace of implementation and the need for special and differential treatment to be carved out in support of the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors", Clarke maintained.

One day after lauding "beautiful clean coal", something that exists only in the fever dreams of fossil-fuel dead-enders, a leaked version of President Donald J. Trump's draft budget suggests he wants to eviscerate clean energy and energy efficiency research to the tune of 72%.

The cuts to the renewable and energy efficiency programs represent about 7% of the DOE's total budget.

The Post reported that a source said the budget request was lowered after negotiations with the OMB. The vast majority of the laboratory's $293 million budget in 2017 came from EERE.

But the funding requests for next year represent a double whammy for renewable energy after the administration last week imposed tariffs on imported solar panels.

But the most cuts are proposed for fuel efficient vehicles, research into bioenergy technologies and solar energy technology research. The program also trains workers.



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