Police in Spain uncover 4 tons of oranges in a auto chase


Police in Spain uncover 4 tons of oranges in a auto chase

Four tonnes of stolen oranges have been recovered by Spanish police in Seville after they pulled over two suspicious vehicles, bursting with the fruits.

But the crew of a cargo ship docked at a port outside Seville had earlier notified police that almost 9,000 pounds of oranges had gone missing, reported The Drive.

All three vehicles in the convoy suddenly changed direction after spotting the marked patrol auto.

They charged the five people - a couple, their adult son, and two brothers - with theft.

None of the five people could tell the police where the oranges came from.

However, a robbery report from Carmona law enforcement connected a missing shipment of oranges to the traveling orange family. While it is incredibly amusing, surely no orange enthusiast would be willing to go to that much trouble to collect their favourite fruit.

This week Spanish police stopped a auto in Carmona, near Seville, because the vehicle was being driven erratically.

Police in Seville first gave chase after noticing the vehicles were being driven erratically and very close together, according to Europa Press.

The occupants of the third vehicle were gone by the time police found it.



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