Marriage breakdown 'one of the greatest failures of my life': Joyce


Marriage breakdown 'one of the greatest failures of my life': Joyce

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has spoken publicly for the first time about the breakdown of his 24-year marriage and his new relationship with a former staffer, with whom he is expecting a baby.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Joyce started a relationship with a former employee and she is now pregnant.

Campion, a former journalist, left Barnaby Joyce's office in April to work for one of his close Nationals colleagues, the resources and northern Australia minister Matt Canavan.

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"I am not going to say therefore just because I failed I'm going to completely change my views and definition", he said.

BARNABY Joyce has to convince Australians they are witnessing a grand romance if he wants to hold on to his political career.

Many pointed out the double standards with advocating for the sanctity of marriage during Australia's public vote and then cheating on your wife.

Same-sex marriage campaigner Rodney Croome said: 'Barnaby Joyce is a hypocrite to oppose LGBTI equality in the name of "traditional marriage" while breaking his vow of lifelong commitment and having a child out of wedlock.

"The situation for myself and the girls has been made worse by the fact it's been played out in public at this time".

But when they step out of line, there's an outcry: they're supposed to be better than us, to lead by example and uphold the finest standards.

The existence and depth of the Joyce-Campion relationship soon became known through the agriculture sector, where the media adviser often accompanied the Agriculture Minister on official rounds. Comparisons were also drawn to coverage of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's pregnancy.

Joyce was not prominent in the "no" campaign against same-sex marriage during the postal survey, however, and ultimately abstained from voting when the legislation passed in December previous year.

'It is a special relationship between a man and a woman, predominantly for the objective of bringing children into the world.

His admission came as Parliament was debating the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

And I don't think any of us can be in a position to judge unless we ourselves have an unblemished record.

Mr Joyce's wife Natalie has not been seen publicly with the Deputy Prime Minister since the Canberra Press Gallery Mid-Winter Ball in June a year ago.

The pair met while they were both in University. In February and March a year ago, he only had two nights where he slept in his own bed. His troubles over dual citizenship ended the office and that arrangement.

Following the front page news and the intense reaction from the public, Joyce's estranged wife Natalie Joyce issued a statement revealing she and his family were deeply hurt and devastated by the news of the Deputy Prime Minister's affair.



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