Larry Nassar attacked in courtroom


Larry Nassar attacked in courtroom

A tall, burly man with thick gray hair, Margraves said his relationship with his daughters had always been "strained, distant and hard".

Nassar abused young female atheletes right in front of their parents, who couldn't see what he was doing and assume it was, you know, medical. She said the pain and suffering endured by Nassar's victims is "unthinkable", but that families can't react with physical violence.

Margraves later apologized for his behavior after being released from custody and Cunningham said there was "no way" she would punish Margraves for his attempted attack on Nassar. Nassar's punishment will go far beyond sentencing. His comments to the judge spawned the hashtag #GiveHimAMinute. And, when they were injured in those sports, they took them to a world-renowned doctor.

"I came here in support of my daughters".

Security rushed to stop him and grabbed him from behind before he was able to reach Nassar.

He was blocked by Nassar's attorney Matthew Newburg and tackled by at least three deputies. "I was embarrassed", said Margraves.

Randall Margraves said he lost control after hearing his daughters' victim impact statements.

Friday was Margraves' first time hearing in detail what happened to his daughters.

Judge Janice K. Cunningham immediately interjected: "Sir".

"I don't know what it would be like to stand there as a father and know that three of your girls were injured physically and emotionally by somebody sitting in a courtroom".

The Wall Street Journal also said on Thursday that US Olympic officials did not intervene after being told in 2015 that USA Gymnastics had uncovered possible abuse by Nassar.

After two of his daughters spoke, the father, Randall Margraves, asked the judge for "five minutes" in a locked room with Nassar.

"From one Union Family Man to Another".

Earlier that morning Margraves charged at Larry Nassar. "I believe in heaven and hell".

"I look over here and Larry is shaking his head no".

Cunningham could have given Margraves a jail sentence or fine as she considered whether to hold him in contempt of court.

During a return to court, Margraves told the judge that he just snapped.

Sheriff Tom Reich said his officers will investigate what happened in court and send a report to the local prosecutor. A GoFundMe spokesman said he was working with the organizer to ensure the funds were handled appropriately. It follows a hearing last week where Nassar, 54, was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for assaults at Michigan State University and his home.

He is expected to receive an additional sentence on Monday for his guilty plea to similar charges in Eaton County.

An Indianapolis Star investigation of USA Gymnastics, begun in 2016, uncovered widespread sexual abuse of athletes by coaches and others and failures to alert authorities.



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