IPhone SOS feature blamed for hundreds of false 911 calls


IPhone SOS feature blamed for hundreds of false 911 calls

Apple did not respond to a Gizmodo request for comment, but an Apple spokesperson told CBS Sacramento, "We're aware of 911 calls originating from our Elk Grove fix and refurbishment facility".

The calls have reportedly been going on for months, averaging in ay 20 accidental calls a day and totaling over 1,600 since October.

Dispatchers are growing frustrated with the robocalls and say they take valuable seconds away from calls that could involve real emergencies.

In a statement to PCMag, an Apple spokesperson said the company is looking into the issue. CBS reports Elk Grove police are working with the iGiant to stop the mobes flooding the 911 call center.

'We take this seriously and we are working closely with local law enforcement to investigate the cause and ensure this doesn't continue, ' they added. Police said they often hear the same sort of sound on the other end of the call.

Since Jan. 1, Hampton said, the sheriff's communication center has received 47 uninitialized 911 calls and has been able to document that 30 of those came from the Apple facility. Apparently, fix technicians are accidentally setting off the Emergency SOS feature which was added back during the launch of iOS 11.

Elk Grove police said public safety was not in danger at this stage, but wanted to work with the company to solve the problem as quickly as possible. In 2011, researchers from Google studied 911 calls in San Francisco and found that 30 percent of emergency calls from wireless phones were accidental.

Drag the Emergency SOS slider to call emergency services. Last year, authorities in CT reported a similar series of accidental calls, according to local media.

It's still not clear whether the calls are coming from iPhones or from Watches. Just by pressing a single button, an SOS alert toggles on and 911 calls are placed immediately.

The issue is likely this SOS feature.

Apple has yet to determine which phones are making repeated 911 calls, but it's generally pretty easy for an iPhone to contact authorities. For the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, users will simply have to press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons until the Emergency SOS slider appears.



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