In Cincinnati, President Trump Tours Manufacturer And Touts Tax Cuts


In Cincinnati, President Trump Tours Manufacturer And Touts Tax Cuts

Yesterday, the Trumps were seen walking across the White House lawn to a helicopter bound for Ohio.

USA first lady Melania Trump was accompanying President of the United States, Donald Trump on a trip to OH but parted ways soon after to spend some quality time with the little angels admitted at a children’s hospital.

Before the event, the White House said, "Families in OH will see a tax cut of more than $8 billion - in just this year alone".

Melania Trump's sleight of hand may be improving.

Melania Trump is back to putting on a fashion show on a daily basis.

Some suggested that Melania kept her arms and hands inside the coat, not inside the sleeves, to avoid holding Trump's hands. She also handed each child a Valentine's Day card.

Even though "I got good marks" for the speech, Trump said he had to stop looking at the stoic Democratic side of the House chambers because of the "bad energy" emanating from there.

"Really, really tough, really, really mean, " Trump said.

Sheffer's president, Jeff Norris, said he is using his company's tax cut to invest in "people, processes and equipment".

"There's no doubt that he has a stronghold in that marriage, but also Melania, she doesn't go for it".

Some, like Jo Spencer felt that the hand fumble was due to allegations of an affair with and adult film star, "Melania is totally p_d off at her fake husband".

For Portman, who was re-elected to another six-year term in 2016, it was the first time he appeared in public with Trump at an OH event. "In Florida she came down stairs of plane and walked right past him".



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