Hotel collapses after 6.4 magnitude natural disaster strikes Taiwan


Hotel collapses after 6.4 magnitude natural disaster strikes Taiwan

On Feb. 4, a 6.1-magnitude natural disaster struck around the same area, hitting at a depth of 4.8 miles.

The video shows people gathering near the building and shining flashlights on windows.

The lower basement and ground floor of the 10-storey Marshal Hotel have given way. Multiple buildings in Hualien collapsed and efforts to rescue people inside were underway, The Apple Daily, newspaper, reported. People were requested to move on to the safer place. It's reported that the hotel is the Marshal Hotel, located in Hualien City, according to various reports. At least three people remain trapped.

With a quake of this size there's always the potential for aftershocks.

The quake is said to be centered in East China Sea, around 21 kilometers north-northeast of Hualien City.

Rescue personnel search a collapsed building in the coastal city

USA geologists said it was the latest in a string of quakes to hit the region in recent days.

Most of the death toll from the February 2016 quake was from the 16-storey Wei-kuan apartment complex, which toppled on its side with many of its residents buried in the rubble.

"All the roads were like cracked and coming up", she said.

A magnitude 6.1 natural disaster struck in the area two days ago and another quake, measuring 5.3, hit the same area later that day, Reuters reported.



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