Google Pay for Android Goes Live Today


Google Pay for Android Goes Live Today

In case the name doesn't give it away, it's created to let you pay for things and track purchases via your phone.

While there is no credible evidence that Google plans to accept cryptocurrency as payment for services, the company does plan to host a lecture on the Fundamentals and Some Recent Innovations in Crypto-Currencies at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy.

Ready to check it out? When you compare that to the Gmail app, it is 20.66MB to download, and it will end up taking up 47MB of storage.

The ability to do some touchups on a screenshot can be exciting and value adding at the same time, and that's why Google app has factored in an editing feature even though the app is still in beta update. Android Pay was Google's straight-up answer to Apple Pay, allowing users to pay for goods and services via their phones. But in today's market, where Venmo and the gig economy are demonstrating the value of personal payments, Google realized a need to bring P-to-P back.

Then what's Google Pay Send?

So what does Google Pay do right now?

This first version of Google Pay for Android is version 1.53, with the last Android Pay update carrying version 1.36. Meanwhile, a Cards section is for storing digital versions of credit, debit, and reward cards.

Using the app is pretty straightforward. Google has mentioned that the two services won't stay apart for too long and that the actual Google Pay app will be able to send and request cash "within the next few months".

Google launched its Google Pay app for Android devices Tuesday, probably confusing millions of people globally who already used Android Pay. While I have yet to receive the update that changes the name, the new listing shows the branding and screenshots of what we can expect.

The Gmail Go app provides you with a simple email experience, although some issues are present.



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