Fixing You HomePod Nearly as Costly as a Brand New Device


Fixing You HomePod Nearly as Costly as a Brand New Device

An Apple spokesperson promised us that the functions will be "coming this year in a free software update". You will need an Apple device to set up a HomePod - Apple for compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models through iOS 11.2.5 that was released last month. Whether or not you agree with the analysis is up to you, but if you are interested you can head on over to Reddit for the technical details.

The HomePod will seamlessly stream your favorite artists from your Apple Music account after a simple verbal request, and it's here-audio entertainment-where the HomePod truly shines. The Sonos One sounds nearly as good as the HomePod on most songs and, actually, slight better on others.

Plus, the HomePod has room-sensing technology that allows it to tune the music based on its surroundings, bouncing ambient sounds in your music off nearby walls.

Also worth noting is that the HomePod doesn't now have the capability to support multiple speakers, but that functionality is apparently coming later this year. If you're looking for an upgrade over the Amazon Echo or Google Home (and don't mind sacrificing your smart AI assistant for the underwhelming Siri), the HomePod offers incredible sound for a surprisingly reasonable price tag.

The HomePod uses spatial awareness to adjust the audio accordingly. Apple has claimed that the HomePod is "built like a tank", which means that it should have a long shelf life if not deliberately damaged. The same can't be said for the HomePod.

Yes, it took an actual hacksaw for the iFixit team to get into Apple's HomePod smart speaker.

In announcing the HomePod in June, Apple highlighted its sound quality in its sales pitch. The clever part comes with where you decide to place the HomePod. Still, Spotify remains the most popular music streaming service out there. After all, Siri has fallen behind Alexa and Google Assistant. The HomePod is Apple's entry in a rapidly growing smart speaker race and a key to control of the smart home.

If you do break your HomePod cord maybe buy another one, or don't break it at all.

Otherwise, you're probably better served by a different smart speaker. At $349, it is at the very top tier of connected speaker pricing, and while a lot of that cost is going toward a quality audio experience, there are better options. "Overall the sound of the HomePod was a bit muddy compared with what the Sonos One and Google Home Max delivered", St. John wrote. One HomePod is surely better than one Sonos One. The latter is another big omission for me because HomePod is tied to a single iCloud account, meaning even if the calendar features were available, they would only work with my calendar account.



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