Dreamers' backers turn ire on Pelosi, crowd her office


Dreamers' backers turn ire on Pelosi, crowd her office

In the end, Nancy Pelosi was left with one request.

But the lack of a fix for immigrants brought here as kids who were protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is a stumbling block, she added, adding that she wants a commitment from House Speaker Paul Ryan that the issue would be included in any House bill.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi staged a record-breaking, eight-hour speech in hopes of pressuring Republicans to allow a vote on protecting "Dreamer" immigrants - and to demonstrate to increasingly angry progressives and Democratic activists that she has done all she could. "Those are the privileges for one of the two party leaders".

Her erstwhile partner in Democratic opposition, Sen. Rand Paul prevented the deal from passing Thursday.

While Pelosi spoke, immigration activists rallied in Washington and threatened retribution against the congressional Democrats who abandoned the strategy of demanding that a budget accord be paired with an immigration deal. McConnell also likely would have preferred to have party leaders negotiating a bill after the March 5 deadline, Flake said. Does the Democratic leverage evaporate?

How did their fortunes turn so sour?

"The House Freedom Caucus opposes the deal to raise spending caps on discretionary spending by almost $300 billion over two years".

Bipartisan Senate leaders unveiled a massive spending bill Wednesday that would eliminate strict budget caps set up in place in 2011 and boost federal spending by hundreds of billions of dollars.

It will be up to Senate Democrats to carve out some kind of compromise with their moderate Republican colleagues. If there are 60 votes for a deal, then a deal there will be.

"Unlike in the Senate, there is no agreement that the House will even consider legislation to protect DREAMers", the email read.

By holding out on Pelosi this week, the speaker preserved for himself all avenues and, crucially, the option to do nothing at all.

"The message is that if you don't support this, you don't support the military", Walker said, before adding that people should be able to identify as both defense and fiscal hawks. The House is now trying to pass a budget deal to lift spending caps and avoid the second government shutdown of the year.

But the thing that Democrats are excited about is the process. Democrats intensified their efforts to communicate they would hold firm in an effort to pressure Republicans to offer a commitment for a floor vote on immigration.

While the bill is expected to pass easily in the Senate, the House will be a tougher sell.

Ryan and other GOP leaders insist that a House bill address four pillars of reform - ending the diversity visa lottery, terminating chain migration, beefing up border security and settling on a solution for Dreamers facing deportation.

But Gutierrez doubted that approach - scoffing at the idea that Democrats would be taken seriously if they threatened to withhold their votes yet again without success.

Other routes are far more speculative. It's a game of tactics and, perhaps, nerves.

But while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has promised a free-flowing bipartisan debate beginning Monday, House Speaker Paul Ryan has only said that he will bring up a bill that President Trump supports.

Trump himself tweeted that the agreement "is so important for our great Military", and he urged both Republicans and Democrats to support it. Maybe it's a few months. "Every day that goes by means deportation, means somebody's family being torn apart", the Clinton School of Public Service student said.



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