Donald Trump: 'Mere allegations' are destroying lives


Donald Trump: 'Mere allegations' are destroying lives

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) arguing that congressional hearings should be held for the women who have accused Trump of assault or abuse. "Domestic violence is abhorrent and has no place in our society". "That should have been the statement".

In the other, her prized judgment is being called into question over Rob Porter, the senior White House aide accused of physically abusing two ex-wives and whom Hicks has reportedly been dating.

Several Trump confidantes reached by ABC News said the president is considering multiple names as possible Kelly replacements, among those, top economic adviser Gary Cohn, Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney and Rep. Mark Meadows.

Porter resigned or was sacked Wednesday, a day after Kelly had defended him as "a man of honor" in a statement in which Hicks apparently had a hand.

"I think the president's shaped by a lot of false accusations against him in the past", said legislative director Marc Short, who added that Trump was "very disappointed" by the charges against Porter. The abuse claims were first reported in a British tabloid, The Daily Mail. A full clearance had been held up while the FBI investigated abuse allegations by his two former wives.

The president tweeted, "Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation".

Trump's White House has been heavily criticised for its handling of the allegations, which come amid a national debate over sexual misconduct and the #MeToo movement that has seen an avalanche of claims fell towering figures across various industries.

"No doubt the fact that Trump has been accused by many women of sexual harassment played a role", Sabato said.

Sorensen also provided photos to WaPo of what he said were injuries, such as bruises and scrapes, Corbett inflicted on him.

"His tweets kind of turn my stomach, " she added.

Democratic leader Patty Murray of Washington echoed Speier's concerns. As of Thursday, Shah insisted President Trump continues to have full confidence in Kelly. "I'm going to keep standing with them, and trusting them, even if the President won't".

"White House chief of staff John Kelly must resign", said Van Pelt.

"This blatant denial of any wrongdoing is unacceptable, " she posted.

One of Porter's ex-wives produced photos of a black eye she said Porter gave her while in Italy. Yet despite all his huffing and puffing, the president has neglected to once mention the women Porter allegedly abused. He did not elaborate. He said talk of Kelly's departure is "much ado about nothing".

Trump, Conway said, "is sympathetic to women and men that are victims of domestic violence". "Where are the voices of my Republican colleagues?".

The White House official said that staffers felt misled about how Porter downplayed the allegations, both to Kelly at the end of the 2017 and to White House Counsel Don McGahn near the beginning of Trump's term.

The fast-food CEO was forced to withdraw his nomination to be labor secretary last February after a decades-old "Oprah Winfrey Show" interview resurfaced, featuring his ex-wife alleging domestic abuse.

Trump, meanwhile, is being criticized for the public appearance yesterday where he still offered a staunch defense of Porter, while seeming to lack sympathy for Porter's accusers.



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