Austria Wins Inaugural Olympic Women's Big Air Snowboarding Event


Austria Wins Inaugural Olympic Women's Big Air Snowboarding Event

Although Anderson will be disappointed to finish in second place, she did make history with her performance.

Gasser's spectacular final run ensured she took the gold medal ahead of rival American Jamie Anderson.

With a forecast of gusty winds, the Olympic organizers moved the Women's Snowboard Big Air medal runs up one day, and a South Lake Tahoe resident is walking away with a medal in the first ever Big Air event at the Olympics.

New Zealand's Zoi Sadowski-Synnott took bronze.

The victory was vindication of sorts for Gasser, who openly questioned the decision to hold the slopestyle competition at windy Phoenix Snow Park on the first weekend of the Pyeongchang Games.

Jamie Anderson added to her medal count, wining a silver medal in Big Air with jumps that scored 90.00 and 87.25.

In the final, the riders each had to land two different tricks, spinning different ways, and the total score decided the victor.

Big air features riders dropping in down a ramp and onto a jump, where they perform their biggest tricks before landing.

Blouin fell on her first jump and after failing to land her second and scoring 39.25, didn't attempt a third. She soared into the void, grabbing her board as she somersaulted her way to the bottom.

"[The cab double cork 1080] isn't as consistent for me, I just only started doing it yesterday", Anderson said.

Sadowski Synott was a distant third with a total of 157.50, though it hardly mattered.

Anderson's silver was the 17th medal for Team USA in these Winter Games.



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