Alberta stops importing BC wine over pipeline dispute


Alberta stops importing BC wine over pipeline dispute

Notley said in 2017, 17.2 million bottles, or more than 1.4 million cases of wine were imported into Alberta from B.C., about $70 million of that went to B.C. wineries. The premier added that they have heard that other provinces are interested in taking some of the wine stock now available.

He said officials from Ottawa will meet with deputy ministers from the B.C. government on Thursday to clarify the province's rights over the jurisdictional dispute.

"I feel for wine producers in British Columbia who are affected by this and it was never my goal or intention for this to be the result of the dispute between the provinces", Anderson said.

"We are calling on the premier to think very serious about the severity of the actions and the path that they're undertaking here".

He added: "We're now on a path to getting approvals, but it's not lost on us that there are still obstacles".

During Notley's Tuesday announcement, she stated the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission would immediately halt all imports of BC wine.

The NDP minister of agriculture, Lana Popham, briefly indicated a possible response Tuesday when reporters caught up with her during a previously scheduled tour of Okanagan wineries. We stand with our wine industry.

"And I don't know where we're going to go, but one thing for sure, we'll fight".

Stephen Richmond
Manager and sommelier at Vines Riverbend Wine Merchants said the store has plenty of B.C. wines to last more than a month

"I certainly hope we've seen the end of the back and forth", Horgan told a news conference in Victoria on Wednesday.

"I'm also encouraging all Albertans next time you're thinking about ordering a glass of wine, think of our energy workers".

Notley has vowed to take additional measures against British Columbia if the federal government does not intervene. And that's my only focus in the days, weeks and months ahead. "If Alberta disagrees they can make that argument in the proper venue, in our court system".

"When a news story's hot, it's hot for a day or two", she said Wednesday. "The announced escalation of retaliatory trade measures will leave businesses of all sizes, their owners and their employees caught in the crossfire", it said. "Not almost as important as the energy industry is to Alberta and Canada, but important nonetheless".

During question period this week, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr defended the decision to build Trans Mountain based on a sound review process, followed a few minutes later by McKenna "eviscerating the process" before she introduces the overhaul legislation, she noted. Last week, she suspended talks to buy electricity from British Columbia. "I suspect that's exactly what Justin Trudeau wants".

"Boycotts. will not resolve an issue that is ultimately our federal government's responsibility", the chamber said. "Think of our province, and maybe choose some terrific Alberta craft beer instead". Deputy federal Conservative leader Lisa Raitt said Trudeau has the constitution on his side when exerting federal power to get construction underway. "This should not be about pitting BC businesses against Alberta businesses".

"We will not let the government of B.C. hold Alberta's and Canada's economy hostage, and jeopardize the economic security of hundreds of thousands of working families across this province and across this country", she said.



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